Before Instant Messaging, before E-mail, and long before the computer was invented, speaking, reading and writing have been the main forms of communication and is still used successfully in today's high-tech world.

But what if someone you met doesn't speak your language? Or your company is going to do business with another company in a different country? You can hire interpreters or translators, but they are expensive. You can buy software for your computer to do the translating - but the translations are not accurate and still require a human to make any corrections for the final document. And that still costs money.

Helping You Talk To The World

Since 1984, we've researched many different languages and went through years of development and testing to provide you the quickest and most effective way to learn a foreign language. Anyone - even complete beginners - can use their new language immediately with our language courses. And because the lessons can be accessed online, that means:

  • No complicated software to install
  • Learn your language on any computer or mobile device*.
  • Access your course almost anywhere in the world*.
  • Learn up to 3,000 words per language.
  • Grammar supported, but not forced down your throat.
  • No long lists of vocabulary, no boring charts to memorize.
Our Guarantee to You

Since 1983 we've offered the guarantee that anyone can successfully learn one of 11 languages in six months. That guarantee has been unbroken since 1985 so why not give it a try? Click here for details